Firm Fun

While we work hard for our clients in court and in business transactions, it is also a part of our culture to celebrate our success and enjoy activities outside the office. Sometimes a break from long hours and hard work is just what the team needs. That may mean we close the office and go skeet shooting, or glass blowing, or sturgeon fishing. Often times these relaxing excursions can become a bit competitive, but no matter what creative activity we do as a break from the hard work in the office, we make sure to keep work joyful and live in gratitude.

Halloween CostumesHalloween Costumes

Our annual Halloween costume contest never disappoints. Here are a few of the top entrants over the years......  Happy Halloween!

Our team at the shooting range

Bring your gun to work day at Independence Indoor Shooting range in Meridian (2020).

Any time is a good time for a friendly office axe-throwing competition!  Base Camp in Boise was the place to be for this memorable 2019 group outing. 


Daring to be artistic!  Spring of 2019 in downtown Meridian proved to be fun, and our artwork turned out pretty cool too.

Borton-Lakey team zipline trip

Several of our attorneys traveled to Tamarack for a weekend of strategic planning and, of course, some zip line action too!

Glass Blowing

Glass blowing in downtown Boise.  This was a fun time to express some individual talents and learn something new. Be creative in all that you do, including legal memorandums and glass sculptures.

Christmas in front of the Borton-Lakey Office

Our annual Christmas parade in downtown Meridian.  It grows every year, as does the number of lights we manage to place on our office.  We are proud to be the annual Presenting Sponsor for "Christmas in Meridian".

Borton-Lakey team at shooting range

"Pull!"   Good times away from the office confirming who is a terrible shot, and who is not.  (spoiler alert, Todd is a good shot.)

Borton-Lakey Team Fishing

Sturgeon fishing day!  A great day of sunshine and laughs.